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Prayer Requests

•Unsaved portion of all our families

•Bereaved families

•Sis. Lineada Smith

•John Castronova 

•Sylvia, Louis, and Little Louie Pagnoni 

Yvette Brown

•Sis Debbie's Aunt Mother Powell (currently in the hospital)

•Sis Cole’s Husband

•Alyssa Johnson

•Smith family-passing of Dee Smith

Sis. Sherri Nash

Sis. Yolanda Thomas-COVID

Camilla Parker-cancer

Bro. Justin and Sis. Julie Bostick & family


  • CARTER FAMILY-passing of Bishop Ronald Carter

  • GROOVER FAMILY-Jacksonville FL

  • MAXWELL FAMILY-passing of Bishop David Maxwell

  • MIDDLETON FAMILY-passing of Sis. Lisa Middleton​​

  • Carney & Morris family-passing of First Lady Joy Carney


•Pastor Wayne Glasco Sr.

•First Lady Glasco

•Sis. Juanita Solomon

•Dist. Elder Mark Jones

•Sister Chelly Nixon

•Sister Jennifer Brown


•Sis. Nitza Rocha

•Mother  Rehema Clark

•Stacy Stewart 

•Sis. Tosha Gibson

•Sis Kawana-daughter's friend Melanie -cancer. 

•Linda Rhem-Stage 3 Cancer & getting treatment

•David R. Fallon

•Lena Lee and family

•Bro. Eric Sellars-recovering from heart/ kidney transplant

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