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GETC Memory verse Challenge

GETC Memory verse challenge Our Focus verse on October 2, 2022 was found in Mark 3:35 "For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother" More tips for memorizing verses of scripture: 1. An article from Education Week entitled, "The Roles of Memorization in Teaching & Learning" mentions how memorization creates a "scaffolding" effect. Memorizing helps us build a foundation where we can store related information thus strengthening our capacity to hold on to information. A paragraph from the article says it like this:

“Thanks to the ubiquity of technology, learners can look up anything, but that consumes time and working memory (not to mention that it isn’t allowed during tests). Basic fact memorization makes information readily available for deeper learning and making connections to new material. The storeroom of knowledge packed into memory makes it much more likely a creative connection will occur when the next round of facts come along.”

As the people of God we have good reason to memorize God’s Word and build a foundation of scripture.

2. Relevance We all should desire to be part of God’s family and Jesus’ explanation clearly tells us how -DO THE WILL OF GOD. May your desire compel you to memorize this verse!

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